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Chicago Style Thin Crust Pizza

A Brief History

The deep dish, pan, and stuffed pizza styles all get plenty of notariety from those outside of the Chicago area.  Places like Gino's East and Lou Malnatis are must go places for tourist visiting the city.  There is no question that Chicago owns this category of pizza.


While we certainly nod our head to the deep dish style of pizza, the locals, for the most part, only eat deep-dish when friends or relatives visit from out of town. There is another style that has been made famous in Chicago and has an even larger fan base with Chicagoans. It's thinner than New York-style and crunchier, though it's also more tender and flaky. Almost pastry-like. The Chicago thin-crust has a smooth, highly seasoned sauce. Toppings are added under a blanket of mozzarella cheese. This pizza is cut into a grid of square pieces (instead of pie-shaped wedges) in what's known as the "party cut" or "tavern cut."


What the majority of us from the Chicagoland area grew up on is Tavern-Style pizza. It’s a thin-crust, circular pizza cut into squares. In a city with thousands of pizzerias, most serve the Tavern-Style and so do we here at Chicago Mike's.  So stop by and give this delicious pie a try!

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